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  • A Landowner's Guide to Managing Your Woods: How to Maintain a Small Acreage for Long-Term Health, Biodiversity, and High-Quality Timber Production, Paperback
    Whether you have a few acres of trees in the suburbs or a small commercial forest, you can encourage a healthy and sustainable ecosystem through proper woodland management. This introductory guide shows you how to identify the type, health, and quality of your trees and suggests strategies for keepi..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Apple Orchard, Paperback
    Now in paperback, this takes the reader through a year of an apple orchard, showing the apple's place at the heart of our lives. From the author of }Man Walks Into A Pub{ and }Hops & Glory{. NUME CARTE: Apple Orchard, PaperbackISBN: 0141982284PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Pete BrownEDITURA: Penguin B..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay, Paperback
    An attractive new edition of the classic book about English rural life. A vivid portrait of Britain's rural past in a time before mechanisation. NUME CARTE: Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay, PaperbackISBN: 0571340547PRET EDITURA: 52.99AUTOR(i): George EvansEDITURA: Faber & FaberCOPERTA: BrosataDATA A..
    Fara TVA: 41,56 Lei 41,56 Lei 52,99 Lei
  • Backyard Livestock: Raising Good, Natural Food for Your Family, Paperback
    Long the primary reference for anyone who keeps animals as a sustainable food source, this latest edition comes with a beautiful new design and includes up-to-date information on breeding, feeding, disease prevention, housing, and management. Complete with clarifying diagrams, full color photography..
    Fara TVA: 99,99 Lei 99,99 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Beekeeping For Dummies, Paperback
    Plain-English guidance on all aspects of beekeeping: buying the right equipment, sourcing bees, locating the hive, maintaining a healthy colony and harvesting honey. NUME CARTE: Beekeeping For Dummies, PaperbackISBN: 1119972507PRET EDITURA: 94.99AUTOR(i): David WiscombeEDITURA: WileyCOPERTA: Brosata..
    Fara TVA: 74,11 Lei 74,11 Lei 94,99 Lei
  • Beekeeping for Dummies, Paperback
    Everything you need to 'bee' a successful backyard beekeeper If you've ever thought about becoming a backyard beekeeper--or have already tried a hand at it and want to be better one--then this is the book for you In Beekeeping for Dummies, 4th Edition you'll find everything you need to know in orde..
    Fara TVA: 77,31 Lei 77,31 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Building Beehives For Dummies, Paperback
    This follow up to }Beekeeping For Dummies{ provides readers with materials lists, instructions, and building plans for a whole host of different beehives. NUME CARTE: Building Beehives For Dummies, PaperbackISBN: 1118312945PRET EDITURA: 94.99AUTOR(i): Howland BlackistonEDITURA: WileyCOPERTA: Brosata..
    Fara TVA: 74,11 Lei 74,11 Lei 94,99 Lei
  • Building Chicken Coops for Dummies, Paperback
    As the popularity of urban homesteading and sustainable living increases, it's no wonder you're in need of trusted, practical guidance on how to properly house the chickens you're planning (or have already begun) to keep. Building Chicken Coops For Dummies gives you the information you need to build..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Butchering Beef: The Comprehensive Photographic Guide to Humane Slaughtering and Butchering, Hardcover
    Learn how to humanely slaughter cattle and butcher your own beef. In this straightforward guide, Adam Danforth provides clear instructions and step-by-step photography of the entire butchering process, from creating the right preslaughter conditions through killing, skinning, keeping cold, breaking ..
    Fara TVA: 174,99 Lei 174,99 Lei 174,99 Lei
  • Butterfly Gardening for Texas, Paperback
    Texas hosts an unparalleled number of butterfly species, and whether one lives near the beaches of the Gulf Coast or in the mountains of the Trans-Pecos, all Texans can enjoy the color and tranquility that butterflies bring to any outdoor space. In Butterfly Gardening for Texas, author and expert Ge..
    Fara TVA: 171,99 Lei 171,99 Lei 171,99 Lei
  • Chick Days: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens from Hatchlings to Laying Hens, Paperback
    Jenna Woginrich chronicles the life journey of three chickens (Amelia, Honey, and Tilda) from fluffy, newly hatched bundles to grown hens laying eggs of their own. As you watch these chickens grow, you'll learn everything you need to know about chicken behavior, feeding, housing, and health care. Th..
    Fara TVA: 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei
  • Chicken Health For Dummies, Paperback
    An encompassing resource on how to best care for and keep happy, healthy chickens. NUME CARTE: Chicken Health For Dummies, PaperbackISBN: 1118444272PRET EDITURA: 76.99AUTOR(i): Julie GauthierEDITURA: WileyCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Ianuarie 2013DATA PUBLICARE: 2013FORMAT: 235x158x18..
    Fara TVA: 59,30 Lei 59,30 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Collins Beekeeper's Bible, Hardcover
    A comprehensive beekeeping resource, covering all the essentials for caring and management, with clear instructions and illustrations. As well as practical info on the bees themselves, there are also culinary, medicinal, cosmetic and domestic uses for the honey, beeswax and pollen, as well as facts,..
    Fara TVA: 136,62 Lei 136,62 Lei 176,99 Lei
  • Country Grit: A Farmoir of Finding Purpose and Love, Hardcover
    Scottie Jones lived a typical suburban, professional life in Pheonix until her husband, Greg, got into a near-fatal car accident. While recovering, he became convinced that they needed a change and a simpler way of life, one more connected with nature and with each other. So, driven by a desire to c..
    Fara TVA: 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei
  • Crisis & Opportunity: Sustainability in American Agriculture, Paperback
    With the decline of family farms and rural communities and the rise of corporate farming and the resulting environmental degradation, American agriculture is in crisis. But this crisis offers the opportunity to rethink agriculture in sustainable terms. Here one of the most eloquent and influential p..
    Fara TVA: 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei
  • Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production, Paperback
    For decades it has been nearly universal dogma among environmentalists and health advocates that cattle and beef are public enemy number one. But is the matter really so clear cut? Hardly, argues environmental lawyer turned rancher Nicolette Hahn Niman in her new book, Defending Beef. The public has..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • Firelines, Hardcover
    The ephemeral forms that fire takes as it sweeps through the landscape of southwest Wisconsin, renewing patchworks of prairie, forest, and savanna, are the subject of this book. Jill Metcoff pairs her photographs from controlled burns with historical commentary, poetic reflections, and her own obser..
    Fara TVA: 156,99 Lei 156,99 Lei 156,99 Lei
  • Good Apples: Behind Every Bite, Paperback
    Apples are so ordinary and so ubiquitous that we often take them for granted. Yet it is surprisingly challenging to grow and sell such a common fruit. In fact, producing diverse, tasty apples for the market requires almost as much ingenuity and interdependence as building and maintaining a vibrant d..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Guide to Bees & Honey, Paperback
    Subtitled, }The World's Best Selling Guide To Beekeeping{. Updated edition, with 150 photos and line drawings. Ideal for any beginner, or as a reference for more experienced beekeepers. NUME CARTE: Guide to Bees & Honey, PaperbackISBN: 1904846513PRET EDITURA: 88.99AUTOR(i): Ted HooperEDITURA: Northe..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • How to Build Animal Housing: 60 Plans for Coops, Hutches, Barns, Sheds, Pens, Nestboxes, Feeders, Stanchions, and Much More, Paperback
    With dozens of adaptable plans for sheds, coops, hutches, multipurpose barns, windbreaks, and shade structures, this guide covers everything you need to know to build safe and sturdy housing for your animals. Stressing the importance of evaluating your goals, planning ahead, and budgeting accordingl..
    Fara TVA: 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei
  • How to Speak Chicken: Why Your Chickens Do What They Do & Say What They Say, Paperback
    Best-selling author Melissa Caughey knows that backyard chickens are like any favorite pet -- fun to spend time with and fascinating to observe. Her hours among the flock have resulted in this quirky, irresistible guide packed with firsthand insights into how chickens communicate and interact, use t..
    Fara TVA: 59,30 Lei 59,30 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Hybrid: The History & Science of Plant Breeding, Paperback
    Disheartened by the shrink-wrapped, Styrofoam-packed state of contemporary supermarket fruits and vegetables, many shoppers hark back to a more innocent time, to visions of succulent red tomatoes plucked straight from the vine, gleaming orange carrots pulled from loamy brown soil, swirling heads of ..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Kick the Hay Habit: A Practical Guide to Year-Around Grazing, Paperback
    With today's management systems, the cost of making hay far exceeds its value to grazing businesses. Studies have shown that winter feed costs are the largest single factor limiting the profitability for most livestock operations. In virtually every area of the USA, year-around grazing--without hay-..
    Fara TVA: 158,99 Lei 158,99 Lei 158,99 Lei
  • Langstroth's Hive and the Honey-Bee: The Classic Beekeeper's Manual, Paperback
    This influential guide by the Reverend L. L. Langstroth, "the father of modern beekeeping," revolutionized the practice of beekeeping. Originally published in 1853, his work constitutes the first descriptive treatise of modern bee management -- its innovations allowed people to engage in actual beek..
    Fara TVA: 85,99 Lei 85,99 Lei 85,99 Lei
  • Letter to a Young Farmer: How to Live Richly Without Wealth on the New Garden Farm, Paperback
    For more than four decades, the self-described "contrary farmer" and writer Gene Logsdon has commented on the state of American agriculture. In Letter to a Young Farmer, his final book of essays, Logsdon addresses the next generation--young people who are moving back to the land to enjoy a better w..
    Fara TVA: 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei
  • Love Your Plot, Hardcover
    From the co-presenters of BBC's }Garden Rescue{ and the Chelsea Flower Show Gold winners, this title shows you how to make the most of your garden, fusing together conceptual architectural design and landscaping. NUME CARTE: Love Your Plot, HardcoverISBN: 1780897413PRET EDITURA: 99.99AUTOR(i): Harry..
    Fara TVA: 77,31 Lei 77,31 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt: (Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-283), Paperback
    Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and..
    Fara TVA: 17,99 Lei 17,99 Lei 17,99 Lei
  • Management-Intensive Grazing: The Grassroots of Grass Farming, Paperback
    ``I like to say that when you buy an acre of land you get 43,500 square feet of solar panel. When you start thinking about your farm in these terms, the importance of having every acre covered with green, growing grass becomes apparent,`` Jim Gerrish writes. Gerrish coined the phrase Management-inte..
    Fara TVA: 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei
  • Manual of Lambing Techniques, Hardcover
    Suitable for agricultural students and shepherds. 90 b/w photos. NUME CARTE: Manual of Lambing Techniques, HardcoverISBN: 1861265743PRET EDITURA: 88.99AUTOR(i): Agnes C WinterEDITURA: The Crowood Press LtdCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: Februarie 2003DATA PUBLICARE: 2003..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • New Homesteader, Hardcover
    Tells the story of family life on a self-sufficient farm, and provides information for anyone thinking of embracing the self-sustaining lifestyle and starting their own homestead or urban farm. Chapters include Kitchen Garden, The Orchard, Animals and The Garden. Over 300 colour photos. NUME CARTE: ..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Principles of Horticulture: Level 2, Paperback
    This colourful guide will introduce you to the fundamentals of horticulture in a clear and accessible way outlining the principles that underpin growing plants for the garden and on the allotment, with reference to how these are tackled by professionals. Features colour illustrations, diagrams and p..
    Fara TVA: 239,99 Lei 239,99 Lei 239,99 Lei
  • Raise: What 4-H Teaches Seven Million Kids and How Its Lessons Could Change Food and Farming Forever, Paperback
    When city-dwelling journalist Kiera Butler visits a county fair for the first time, she is captivated by the white-uniformed members of the 4-H club and their perfectly groomed animals. She sets off on a search for a ``real`` 4-H'er, a hypothetical wholesome youth whom she imagines wearing cowboy bo..
    Fara TVA: 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei 104,99 Lei
  • Raising Chickens for Dummies, Paperback
    Your hands-on guide to modern chicken-raising methods Thinking about raising chickens? You've come to the right place This new edition of Raising Chickens For Dummies provides the most up-to-date, thorough information on the many aspects of keeping chickens in your backyard. Inside, you'll find han..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Reinventing the Chicken COOP: 14 Original Designs with Step-By-Step Building Instructions, Paperback
    Build a stylishly modern home for your poultry. Backyard chickens meet contemporary design in this inventive compilation from authors Matthew Wolpe and Kevin McElroy. Reinventing the Chicken Coop presents 14 complete building plans for chicken houses that range from the purely functional to outrageo..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Secret Life of Cows, Hardcover
    With a foreword by Alan Bennett, this is a collection of heartwarming observations all about the domestic cow. Farmer at Kite's Nest Farm, Young shows her herd in an entirely new light - from holding grudges and inventing games to baby-sitting for one another. NUME CARTE: Secret Life of Cows, Hardco..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Shepherd's Life, Paperback
    A classic of English rural life by a writer admired by Hemingway, published in }Classics{ for the first time. NUME CARTE: Shepherd's Life, PaperbackISBN: 0241273358PRET EDITURA: 52.99AUTOR(i): W. H. HudsonEDITURA: PenguinCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Decembrie 2016DATA PUBLICARE: 2016FORMAT: 199x1..
    Fara TVA: 41,56 Lei 41,56 Lei 52,99 Lei
  • Silvopasture: A Guide to Managing Grazing Animals, Forage Crops, and Trees in a Temperate Farm Ecosystem, Paperback
    A system for regenerating land, storing carbon, and creating climate resilience The concept of silvopasture challenges our notions of both modern agriculture and land use. For centuries, European settlers of North America have engaged in practices that separate the field from the forest, and even th..
    Fara TVA: 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei
  • Small-Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass-Based Approach for Health, Sustainability, and Profit, Paperback
    Full of practical everyday advice, this guide explains how a natural, organic approach to livestock farming produces healthy animals, reduces costs, and increases your operation's self-sufficiency. Livestock expert Carol Ekarius helps you create a viable farm plan, choose suitable livestock, care fo..
    Fara TVA: 85,99 Lei 85,99 Lei 85,99 Lei
  • Smallholding Manual, Hardcover
    From larger smallholdings with livestock to simply growing fruit and veg on a plot of land, this manual provides comprehensive advice on every aspect of the process. Even for the experienced smallholder, information about being wildlife-friendly and money-making ensure that this is an essential inve..
    Fara TVA: 104,84 Lei 104,84 Lei 135,99 Lei
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks, 2nd Edition: Breeds, Care, Health, Paperback
    With in-depth information on feeding, housing, behavior, and health care, this comprehensive guide also provides proven strategies for creating a profitable business plan and marketing your products. Whether you're about to acquire your first ducks or are interested in experimenting with rare breeds..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats: Managing, Breeding, Marketing, Paperback
    Discover how raising your own meat goats can be a fun and profitable endeavor. Offering plenty of tips for creating an economically viable operation and identifying niche markets for your products, Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats shows you how to care for a thriving and productive herd full of ..
    Fara TVA: 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry, 4th Edition: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Guineas, Game Birds, Paperback
    Whether you're running a farm or interested in keeping a few backyard birds, Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry covers everything you need to know to successfully raise your own chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, and more. Stressing humane practices throughout, Glenn Davis provides expert advice on breed ..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, 4th Edition: Breeding, Care, Facilities, Paperback
    Drawing from years of hands-on experience, Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius provide expert advice on breed selection, lambing, feeding, housing, pasture maintenance, and medical care. You'll also find tips on profitably marketing your meat and fiber products, as well as information on obtaining organ..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds: Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Emus, Guinea Fowl, Ostriches, Partridges, Peafowl, Pheasants, Quails, S, Paperback
    More than 128 birds strut their stuff across the pages of this definitive primer for intrepid poultry farmers and feather fanciers alike. From the Manx Rumpy to the Redcap and the Ancona duck to his Aylesbury cousin, each breed is profiled with a brief history, detailed descriptions of identifying c..
    Fara TVA: 114,99 Lei 114,99 Lei 114,99 Lei
  • The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals: Choose the Best Breeds for Small-Space Farming, Produce Your Own Grass-Fed Meat, Gather Fresh Eg, Paperback
    Enjoy a weekend breakfast featuring eggs, bacon, and honey from your own chickens, pigs, and bees, or a holiday meal with your own heritage-breed turkey as the main attraction. Gail Damerow covers everything you need to successfully raise your own farm animals, from selecting the right breeds to pro..
    Fara TVA: 119,99 Lei 119,99 Lei 119,99 Lei
  • The Chicken Chick's Guide to Backyard Chickens: Simple Steps for Healthy, Happy Hens, Paperback
    Internationally known as The Chicken Chick, Kathy Shea Mormino brings an informative style and fresh perspective on raising backyard chickens to millions of fans around the world. An attorney by profession, Kathy is the founder and one-woman creative force behind her wildly popular and award-winning..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • The Complete Guide to Beekeeping for Fun & Profit: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply, Paperback
    Beekeeping is both a hobby and a practical business plan that many individuals have taken up in recent years as a viable way to culture a valuable natural resource and have fun in the process. In any given year, an effectively built beekeeping business can bring profits up to 500 percent of your inv..
    Fara TVA: 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei
  • The Crops Look Good: News from a Midwestern Family Farm, Paperback
    When Margaret Williamson left her family's rural Wisconsin farm to work in Minneapolis in 1923, her mother, Olava, wrote regularly with updates about daily activities: laundry, bread baking, plowing, planting, and harvesting the crops. Sometimes she enclosed a note from seven- year- old Helen, who r..
    Fara TVA: 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei