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  • Baby Storytime Magic: Active Early Literacy Through Bounces, Rhymes, Tickles and More, Paperback
    Whether you've been presenting baby storytimes for fifteen years or fifteen minutes, you probably already know that the first five years of life are key for brain development and early literacy. Many public libraries have instituted baby and toddler programs, but finding exciting materials for baby ..
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  • Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace, Paperback
    A successful school makerspace needs an enthusiastic maker community, school-wide participation, and staff support. How do you build this type of learning at your school? The innovative team behind Challenge-Based Learning in the School Library Makerspace addresses common questions and concerns and ..
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  • Harnessing the Power of Google: What Every Researcher Should Know, Paperback
    Mastering Internet research skills is a must for today's information professionals and LIS students, as well as for educators and all high school and college students. But without specific instruction in how to conduct online research, people are destined to waste time in their Internet queries or t..
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  • How Institutions Think: Between Contemporary Art and Curatorial Discourse, Paperback
    Reflections on how institutions inform art, curatorial, educational, and research practices while they shape the world around us.Contemporary art and curatorial work, and the institutions that house them, have often been centers of power, hierarchy, control, value, and discipline. Even the most prog..
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  • Inside the Lost Museum: Curating, Past and Present, Hardcover
    Curators make many decisions when they build collections or design exhibitions, plotting a passage of discovery that also tells an essential story. Collecting captures the past in a way useful to the present and the future. Exhibits play to our senses and orchestrate our impressions, balancing prese..
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  • Libraries, Literacy, and African American Youth: Research and Practice, Paperback
    According to National Assessment of Educational Progress (NEAP), only 18 percent of African American fourth graders and 17 percent of African American eighth graders performed at or above proficiency in reading in 2013. This book draws on research from various academic fields to explore the issues s..
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  • Library and Information Center Management, Paperback
    "Library and Information Center Management: Eighth Edition" continues to be an essential textbook that provides a complete introduction to library management. It supplies a comprehensive, one-volume overview of all the functions of management specifically applied to the modern library environment. T..
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  • Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities, Paperback
    Library work is really all about people. And the inclusive, welcoming nature of the library means that all kinds of people pass through its doors. Not all difficult patrons are dangerous, but some frighten staff and other library users, which can lead to situations that are distracting, troubling, a..
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  • Library: An Unquiet History, Paperback
    Through the ages, libraries have not only accumulated and preserved but also shaped, inspired, and obliterated knowledge. Now they are in crisis. Former rare books librarian and Harvard MetaLAB visionary Matthew Battles takes us from Boston to Baghdad, from classical scriptoria to medieval monasteri..
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  • Marketing Your Library's Electronic Resources, Second Edition: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians, Paperback
    This essential guide to marketing libraries' e-resources shows librarians how to make sure their customers understand what is available to them online and allow them to use their e-resources fully. NUME CARTE: Marketing Your Library's Electronic Resources, Second Edition: A How-To-Do-It Manual for L..
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  • Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual, Paperback
    More and more libraries, archives, and museums are creating online collections of digitized resources. Where can those charged with organizing these new collections turn for guidance on the actual practice of metadata design and creation? To Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-It Manual. T..
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  • Structures for Organizing Knowledge: Exploring Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Other Schemas, Paperback
    LIS professionals use structures for organizing knowledge when they catalog and classify objects in the collection, when they develop databases or when they search online. This book explores and explains this basic function by looking at three questions. NUME CARTE: Structures for Organizing Knowled..
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  • The Whole School Library Handbook 2, Paperback
    This new edition of an ALA bestseller remains an indispensable all-in-one resource for everything related to the school library media center. Articles from dozens of respected authors and experts, culled from popular journals such as Knowledge Quest and School Library Journal, cover everything of in..
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  • Transforming Libraries: A Toolkit for Innovators, Makers, and Seekers, Paperback
    ``Why do we need libraries when we have Google?``Today's libraries are in jeopardy. And yes, perhaps if libraries were only book warehouses, we wouldn't need them. But libraries can be so much more than a place to check out books. In the Digital Age, it's more important than ever for libraries to ev..
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  • Useful, Usable, Desirable: Applying User Experience Design to Your Library, Paperback
    Useful, usable, desirable, like three legs of a stool, if your library is missing the mark on any one of these it's bound to wobble. Every decision you make affects how people experience your library. In this useful primer, user expereince (UX) librarians Schmidt and Etches identify 19 crucial touch..
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