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  • 150 Best New Kitchen Ideas, Hardcover
    A comprehensive, full-color handbook, packed with hundreds of photographs that showcase the latest in beautiful, welcoming, and efficient kitchen design.150 Best New Kitchen Ideas offers an in-depth look at exemplary new kitchen designs from today's most renowned architects and designers. Packed wit..
    Fara TVA: 140,99 Lei 140,99 Lei 140,99 Lei
  • A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home: Painting, Crafting, and Decorating a Cheerful, More Inspiring Space, Paperback
    Step inside the world of Elsie and Emma, the sisters behind the decor blog A Beautiful Mess. With tiny budgets and a crafty, can-do attitude, they overhauled each room in their first homes with DIY projects using family photos, vibrant fabrics, flea-market finds, and affordable furniture. Now, you c..
    Fara TVA: 94,99 Lei 94,99 Lei 94,99 Lei
  • A Home in Paris: Interiors, Inspiration, Hardcover
    This broad spectrum of interiors draws inspiration from both the classic French decorative tradition and the freshest Parisian home designs. Discover the rich diversity of Parisian style in thirty-four interiors that are rife with inspiration and grouped into five thematic chapters. Classic interior..
    Fara TVA: 92,99 Lei 92,99 Lei 92,99 Lei
  • A Home in Provence: Interiors, Gardens, Inspiration, Hardcover
    Provencal houses are true homes. Warm shades of ochre glow from the walls and roofs, weathered doors shine, and reflections glance off glazed ceramics and strike printed cotton tablecloths. This volume showcases the architectural diversity of Provencal houses and their interiors, gardens, and decora..
    Fara TVA: 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei
  • A Place to Call Home: Timeless Southern Charm, Hardcover
    Modern design for a new age of Southern living. Combining the rich traditions of the past with the sensibilities of contemporary life, interior and garden designer James Farmer of Perry, Georgia, is unapologetically Southern. Tour eleven diverse homes in the deep South--makeovers, remodels, and new ..
    Fara TVA: 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei
  • ABC of Men's Fashion, Hardcover
    The fashion classic now available in a cloth-bound special edition, with delightful photos and illustrations, perfect for the style-conscious and the desperately in need. 'Should be required reading for anyone who's fallen into the trap of leaving the house in a pair of tracksuit bottoms... crammed ..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors, Hardcover
    "A magical guide." --Aerin Lauder, Founder & Creative Director of AERIN and Style & Image Director of Est e LauderFrom three generations of French beauty experts, Ageless Beauty the French Way is the ultimate book of tips, products, practices and French beauty secrets in ten categories such as Hair,..
    Fara TVA: 117,99 Lei 117,99 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Annie Sloan's Room Recipes for Style and Colour, Hardcover
    The world renowned paint effects guru and colour expert examines nine popular styles, from Boho Chic to Modern Retro, showing readers the key techniques to recreate them in their own homes. NUME CARTE: Annie Sloan's Room Recipes for Style and Colour, HardcoverISBN: 1782491716PRET EDITURA: 146.99AUTO..
    Fara TVA: 113,86 Lei 113,86 Lei 146,99 Lei
  • Appetizer: New Interiors for Restaurants and Cafes, Hardcover
    Interior designers and architects are creating unforgettable spaces and setting stunning new standards for restaurants, bars, and cafes. People love to go out and indulge their senses by trying new restaurants. Pastel colors, hyper-realistic murals, indoor jungles, curved and luxurious couches, gold..
    Fara TVA: 270,99 Lei 270,99 Lei 270,99 Lei
  • As a Gentleman Would Say: Responses to Life's Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations, Hardcover
    On any given day, a man is faced with situations that demand a response. He runs into a friend who was recently fired . . . His date can't seem to pry herself away from a texting conversation during dinner . . . Someone at his gym routinely monopolizes the equipment . . . He finds himself in a nearl..
    Fara TVA: 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Ayurvedic Beauty Care, Paperback
    Ayurvedic Beauty Care presents both ancient and modern Ayurvedic secrets for beauty care. The aim of this book is to elevate our western understanding of beauty to new levels with deeper Ayurvedic insights. These insights hold powerful health promoting and enhancing methods and luxurious beauty tech..
    Fara TVA: 75,99 Lei 75,99 Lei 75,99 Lei
  • Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work, Paperback
    For the first time ever, entrepreneur, designer, and TV star Kristin Cavallari shares how she juggles all facets of her busy life with style and grace. From outlining health and wellness, food, fitness, fashion, and her success as a businesswoman to more private matters of family, motherhood, and he..
    Fara TVA: 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei
  • Be Beautiful: Every Girl's Guide to Hair, Skin and Make-up, Paperback
    A practical and comprehensive beauty guide for teen girls by an award-winning beauty journalist. Extends a sympathetic hand to teens guiding them through the minefield of often inappropriate advice. Ages: 11+ NUME CARTE: Be Beautiful: Every Girl's Guide to Hair, Skin and Make-up, PaperbackISBN: 1406..
    Fara TVA: 50,55 Lei 50,55 Lei 64,99 Lei
  • Beauty Hacks: Make-Up Cheats, Skincare Tricks and Styling Tips, Paperback
    Do you wake up in the morning and think, ``I wish there was a quicker way to put on my make-up?``Do you find yourself getting so frustrated at nail polish smudges that you've given up even trying?Do you hate spending your hard-earned money on hair and beauty products, but still enjoy expressing your..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Belleza Radical / Radical Beauty: How to Transform Yourself from the Inside Out, Paperback
    Deepak Chopra, lider de la medicina integral y autor bestseller del New York Times, al lado de Kimberly Snyder, nutricionista de Hollywood y tambien autora bestseller, llegan con este libro a ofrecerte un excitante, divertido y practico programa que te ayudara a transformarte desde dentro hacia afue..
    Fara TVA: 74,99 Lei 74,99 Lei 74,99 Lei
  • Bohemian Residence: Metropolitan Apartments and Interior Design, Hardcover
    Bohemian Residence delves into the opulence and diversity of urban living across the globe. Urban landscapes offer a multitude of enticing options: from cozy apartments to chic duplexes to historic townhouses. Inhabitants' imaginations and distinct personalities reflect upon the canvas of a home's f..
    Fara TVA: 251,99 Lei 251,99 Lei 251,99 Lei
  • Boho Braids: Modern, Free-Spirited Hairstyles, Paperback
    Romantic, loose and messy (but in the nicest way ), and absolutely gorgeous, boho braids are everywhere--from celebrities on the red carpet to models on the runways, at music festivals, on fashion blogs, and in TV shows from Vikings to Game of Thrones. The look is modern, free-spirited, and fanciful..
    Fara TVA: 79,99 Lei 79,99 Lei 79,99 Lei
  • Books Make a Home: Elegant Ideas for Storing and Displaying Books, Hardcover
    Books fulfil myriad functions in our lives. They provide essential information, foster enthusiasms, and spark memories. But these personal treasures also add color and a true sense of personality to our homes. Books Make a Home explores the important role they play as Decoration, as well as function..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Bungalow Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Arts and Crafts, Hardcover
    Whether renovating, restoring, expanding, or building new, we all share a longing for the values that hark back to the Arts and Crafts era. The lush woodwork, ingenious open plans, and fine finish details are symbolic of a time gone by. Or are they? As Treena Crochet amply illustrates in Bungalow St..
    Fara TVA: 148,99 Lei 148,99 Lei 148,99 Lei
  • Carolyn Westbrook: Vintage French Style, Hardcover
    Interior designer Carolyn Westbrook's distinct eye for combining French style and vintage charm is showcased here, alongside plenty of advice on how to group and present the features of your own home to achieve something similar. NUME CARTE: Carolyn Westbrook: Vintage French Style, HardcoverISBN: 17..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Ceramic and Stone Tiling, Hardcover
    Covers all the basic processes from designing the job through to the final grouting and cleaning down. NUME CARTE: Ceramic and Stone Tiling, HardcoverISBN: 1861267770PRET EDITURA: 99.99AUTOR(i): John RipleyEDITURA: The Crowood Press LtdCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: Februarie 2005DATA PUBLICARE: ..
    Fara TVA: 77,31 Lei 77,31 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Chanel Set of 3, Hardcover
    Self-inventor extraordinaire, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel revolutionized the lifestyle of her time by inventing a modern concept of luxury. She set her stamp on the 20th century, promoting a new feminine silhouette both sophisticated and discreet. This modern attitude of understated luxe thrives today t..
    Fara TVA: 338,99 Lei 338,99 Lei 338,99 Lei
  • Coastal Blues: Mrs. Howard's Guide to Decorating with the Colors of the Sea and Sky, Hardcover
    From design expert (and interior design readers' favorite) Phoebe Howard comes a new book focused on decorating with beautiful blue color schemes. Coastal Blues is a glorious decor book filled with inspiring images of beach houses, seacoast getaways, vacation cottages, and luxurious seaside manors. ..
    Fara TVA: 163,99 Lei 163,99 Lei 163,99 Lei
  • Coastal Living, Hardcover
    Divided into 4 chapters - classic, contemporary, casual and country-style - this examines coastal homes around the world, and features insightful essays on some of the traditions and characteristics of the coastal lifestyle. 220 colour photos, and interspersed with recipes. NUME CARTE: Coastal Livin..
    Fara TVA: 113,86 Lei 113,86 Lei 146,99 Lei
  • Country Living Mini Makeovers: Easy Ways to Transform Every Room, Hardcover
    When it's time for a quick change, these 250 mini-makeovers for your home are fun, and easy No major remodeling necessary Sometimes, all it takes are a few small changes to refresh your home and make you happy. These micro-decorating ideas from Country Living add beauty to every room, whether yo..
    Fara TVA: 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei
  • Crafting a Patterned Home: Painting, Printing, and Stitching Projects to Enliven Every Room, Hardcover
    Create a unique space that's all your own--bold and colorful handmade projects to fill your home with pattern from color expert crafter extraordinaire Kristin Nicholas. Jump into the world of pattern--get a crash course on the types of patterns and how they are made; learn how to gain inspiration an..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home, Hardcover
    Creator of the }Cupcakes & Cashmere{ blog, Emily Schuman, expands on the personal lifestyle advice she offered in }Cupcakes & Cashmere: A Guide For Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, & Entertaining With Ease{. Explores Emily's accessible design philosophy for decorating and creating a fash..
    Fara TVA: 59,30 Lei 59,30 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Decorative Napkin Folding for Beginners, Paperback
    Napkins are easy to fold into ingenious shapes and add a touch of festivity to any dinner. Whether you use paper or cloth, a napkin folded into a delightful shape is a welcome way to start a meal.Twenty-two different napkin folds are clearly shown, beginning with very simple folds and gradually lead..
    Fara TVA: 31,99 Lei 31,99 Lei 31,99 Lei
  • Denim, Paperback
    A chic and sexy look at the aesthetic power of blue jeans, featuring stylish women around the world wearing their favourite denim in their own way. 200 colour photos. NUME CARTE: Denim, PaperbackISBN: 0847862305PRET EDITURA: 146.99AUTOR(i): Amy LevertonEDITURA: Rizzoli International PublicationsCOPE..
    Fara TVA: 113,86 Lei 113,86 Lei 146,99 Lei
  • Details Men's Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You, Paperback
    At last?a sophisticated wardrobe guide for men from a respected authority, Details magazine, offering head-to-toe advice for choosing the right look, the right fit, and the right style for every situation, from boardroom pitches to casual Saturday nights. Each month, Details magazine keeps hundreds..
    Fara TVA: 144,99 Lei 144,99 Lei 144,99 Lei
  • Diane Keaton: House, Hardcover
    This volume expresses Diane Keaton's vision of how we live today in spaces that have been artfully repurposed or reinvented - spaces that include converted industrial lofts, repurposed farm houses, reinvented barns and re-imagined warehouses. NUME CARTE: Diane Keaton: House, HardcoverISBN: 084783563..
    Fara TVA: 383,99 Lei 383,99 Lei 383,99 Lei
  • DIY Guide to Painting and Wallpapering: A Complete Handbook to Finishing Walls and Trim for a Stylish Home, Paperback
    Packed with professional painting and wallpapering advice for the first time DIY-er, this book shows how to carry out even the most daunting projects with ease and confidence, without the need to hire a professional to finish the job. From sanding woodwork and applying latex paint to using rollers, ..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Door J'Adore, Hardcover
    The spectacle of doors around the world in all of their variety is represented and explored in this selection of photographs, meeting the Instagram phenomenon of 'doortraits' in a trend-savvy manner. NUME CARTE: Door J'Adore, HardcoverISBN: 1849759634PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Nick RowellEDITURA: ..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Dress Scandinavian: Style You Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way, Hardcover
    A cool guide to Scandinavian style and fashion from much-loved blogger and Danish street style star Pernille Teisbaek Scandinavia has long been the home of outstanding interior design and classic fashion brands like Acne Studios, Rains and Filippa K. But no one personifies modern Danish cool as well..
    Fara TVA: 77,31 Lei 77,31 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Easy on the Eyes, Paperback
    A handy pocket book of 20 step-by-step eye make-up looks that can be created in either 5, 15 or 30 minutes. NUME CARTE: Easy on the Eyes, PaperbackISBN: 1849758980PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Lisa Potter-DixonEDITURA: Ryland Peters & SmallCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Noiembrie 2017DATA PUBLICARE:..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self, Hardcover
    First Lady of Beauty and trusted lifestyle expert Mikki Taylor shares uplifting advice for women who want to cultivate their beauty both inside and out. Mikki is that girlfriend-in-the-know who you wish you could take everywhere you go--and now you can Written in her signature, no-nonsense style, Ed..
    Fara TVA: 117,99 Lei 117,99 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Emily Post's Etiquette, 18th Edition, Hardcover
    For nearly a century, one name has been trusted above all others when it comes to proper decorum: Emily Post. In this completely updated 18th Edition of the classic Emily Post's Etiquette, the mantle is picked up by the great-great-grandchildren of the First Lady of Etiquette, who tackle the latest ..
    Fara TVA: 190,99 Lei 190,99 Lei 190,99 Lei
  • Etiquette Rules!: A Field Guide to Modern Manners, Paperback
    ``The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork.``--Oscar Wilde Although surely alluding to something besides good table manners, Oscar's classic metaphor does contain a grain of truth underlying the pros and cons of proper etiquette. Like it or not, manners and etiquette are the hallmarks of a..
    Fara TVA: 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei 67,99 Lei
  • Everyday Chic: My Secrets for Entertaining, Organizing, and Decorating at Home, Paperback
    New York Times bestselling author Molly Sims shares her secrets for effortless entertaining, feeding friends and family, and making your house a home--with just the right amount of her signature supermodel style. Once upon a time, Molly Sims was a single girl who stored cashmere sweaters in her oven..
    Fara TVA: 125,99 Lei 125,99 Lei 125,99 Lei
  • Everyday Fashions of the Forties as Pictured in Sears Catalogs, Paperback
    Few publications illustrate so comprehensively what American men, women, and children wore in the 1940s than the Sears catalogs of those years, when the company's fashions typified the tastes of the American mainstream. This book is a compilation of 122 fully illustrated and captioned pages selected..
    Fara TVA: 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques * Essential Tools * Gorgeous Makeup Looks, Hardcover
    Bestselling author and world-famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown reveals her expert techniques for creating show-stopping eyes from everyday natural to smoky to party sparkle. To coincide with the launch of Bobbi's eyewear range and a brand-new eye makeup palette, Everything Eyes covers basic eye care,..
    Fara TVA: 50,55 Lei 50,55 Lei 64,99 Lei
  • Freehand Fashion, Hardcover
    The first book from the star of the BBC's The Great British Sewing Bee, this features the freehand cutting method and a fresh take on home sewing, based on a traditional Nigerian technique. With more than 250 colour photos. NUME CARTE: Freehand Fashion, HardcoverISBN: 9781910496145PRET EDITURA: 117...
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • French Accents (Second Edition): Simple French Decor for the Modern Home, Hardcover
    There's nothing better than a little joie de vivre to brighten up your decor Filled with gorgeous photography and an abundance of easy-to-implement design ideas, this book is guaranteed to bring the cozy comfort of classic French style into your home. Learn how to create an inviting look that will w..
    Fara TVA: 114,99 Lei 114,99 Lei 148,99 Lei
  • George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour, Hardcover
    Copied out by hand as a young man aspiring to the status of Gentleman, George Washington's 110 rules were based on a set of rules composed by French Jesuits in 1595. The first English edition of these rules was available in Francis Hawkins' Youths Behavior, or Decency in Conversation Amongst Men, wh..
    Fara TVA: 44,99 Lei 44,99 Lei 44,99 Lei
  • Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living, Hardcover
    The author of }Blenheim & The Churchill Family{ advises upon combining the practical comfort of twenty-first century living with the elegant and classical proportions of eighteenth century design. NUME CARTE: Georgian Style and Design for Contemporary Living, HardcoverISBN: 1782495967PRET EDITURA: 1..
    Fara TVA: 136,62 Lei 136,62 Lei 176,99 Lei
  • Graphic Guide to Interior Details: For Builders and Designers / For Pros by Pros, Paperback
    When Rob Thallon's Graphic Guide to Frame Construction was first published, it quickly became the indispensable guide to framing a house. Now Thallon offers Graphic Guide to Interior Details, the essential second volume that picks up where the first one leaves off; it helps you take the finished fra..
    Fara TVA: 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei
  • Grow your own Wedding Flowers, Hardcover
    Filled with gorgeous photos for inspiration and written in a friendly no-nonsense style, this practical book makes growing and arranging your own wedding flowers both affordable and fun. Follows the success of }The Flower Farmer's Year{; foreword by Sarah Raven. NUME CARTE: Grow your own Wedding Flo..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Hair Therapy: Cures for Growing Your Beautiful Natural Hair, Paperback
    Women always want to look good. And looking good starts with a fresh face and slayed hair. Whether it be straight or natural, no woman wants to have a bad hair day. If only there was a guide to help women make the right choices for beautiful, strong, and healthy hair without breaking the bank. In Ha..
    Fara TVA: 75,99 Lei 75,99 Lei 75,99 Lei