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  • Build a better body with these easy-to-follow anytime, anywhere bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight Workouts for Men uses only bodyweight and natural surroundings so the workouts can be done anywhere, inside or out, with no need for expensive fitness equipment or gym memberships. Including over 75 body..
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  • Feed Your Fitness
    Want to know how to best Feed Your Fitness routine? This sports nutrition cook book advises you on what to eat during training, as well as before and after competitive events. Why fill your body with processed energy bars and gels when you can make your own fresh sources of carbs and protein fast? F..
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  • Streamline your body and focus your mind with Pilates: Body in Motion, the at-home instructor you've always wished for, updated with a fresh, new look. Stretch yourself at your own pace with tailored programmes for beginner, intermediate and advanced level. More than 50 exercises are demonstrated wi..
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  • Having healing hands is no miracle: Reflexology is the visual guide to the powerful health benefits of this holistic therapy. Every organ in our bodies has nerve endings that reach the feet and hands; learn how to stimulate them to tackle a range of ailments from stress to pain relief with this simp..
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  • The 4-Hour Body
    The Four Hour Body. Based on more than a decade of research, the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes and medical doctors, as well as thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation, Ferris has finally perfected the way to rapid body transformation.Timothy Ferriss is a serial ..
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