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  • A Natural History of Belize: Inside the Maya Forest, Hardcover
    Belize's Chiquibul Forest is one of the largest remaining expanses of tropical moist forest in Central America. It forms part of what is popularly known as the Maya Forest. Battered by hurricanes over millions of years, occupied by the Maya for thousands of years, and logged for hundreds of years, t..
    Fara TVA: 203,99 Lei 203,99 Lei 203,99 Lei
  • A North Country Almanac: Reflections of an Old-School Conservationist in a Modern World, Hardcover
    A North Country Almanac: Reflections of an Old-School Conservationist in a Modern World includes the musings of an independent mind on wilderness, the conservation ethic, and the joys of loving the outdoors. Although a lifelong conservationist, Thomas C. Bailey has never unquestioningly accepted env..
    Fara TVA: 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei 112,99 Lei
  • A Thirsty Land: The Making of an American Water Crisis, Hardcover
    As a changing climate threatens the whole country with deeper droughts and more furious floods that put ever more people and property at risk, Texas has become a bellwether state for water debates. Will there be enough water for everyone? Is there the will to take the steps necessary to defend ourse..
    Fara TVA: 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei
  • After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene, Paperback
    An Artforum Best Book of the YearA Legal Theory Bookworm Book of the YearNature no longer exists apart from humanity. Henceforth, the world we will inhabit is the one we have made. Geologists have called this new planetary epoch the Anthropocene, the Age of Humans. The geological strata we are now c..
    Fara TVA: 82,99 Lei 82,99 Lei 82,99 Lei
  • Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom in Children's Literature, Hardcover
    Talking lions, philosophical bears, very hungry caterpillars, wise spiders, altruistic trees, companionable moles, urbane elephants: this is the magnificent menagerie that delights our children at bedtime. Within the entertaining pages of many children's books, however, also lie profound teachings a..
    Fara TVA: 124,99 Lei 124,99 Lei 124,99 Lei
  • Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North, Hardcover
    In the 1990s, researchers in the Arctic noticed that floating summer sea ice had begun receding. This was accompanied by shifts in ocean circulation and unexpected changes in weather patterns throughout the world. The Arctic's perennially frozen ground, known as permafrost, was warming, and treeless..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Buzz: The Nature and Necessity of Bees, Hardcover
    From the award-winning author of The Triumph of Seeds and Feathers, a natural and cultural history of the buzzing wee beasties that make the world go round.Bees are like oxygen: ubiquitous, essential, and, for the most part, unseen. While we might overlook them, they lie at the heart of relationship..
    Fara TVA: 121,99 Lei 121,99 Lei 121,99 Lei
  • Catching Thunder: The Story of the World's Longest Sea Chase, Paperback
    December, 2014: In the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker embarks on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten thousand miles of hazardous seas, Hammarstedt's crew will relentlessly pursue the Thunder--an infamous illegal fishing ship--for what will become the ..
    Fara TVA: 59,30 Lei 59,30 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Category 5: The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, Paperback
    A frightening account of the first Category 5 storm to strike the U.S. A gripping account. . . . Winds were so strong that they tore babies from the arms of their parents. Over four hundred people lost their lives, including over two hundred veterans of World War I. It was a tragedy that did not ha..
    Fara TVA: 109,99 Lei 109,99 Lei 109,99 Lei
  • Climate Change for Beginners, Paperback
    Year after year science continually proves that global climate change is real. But what does it all really mean and what can or should we do about it?Climate Change For Beginners is a clear, fluid narrative by a leading scientist and educator who takes a scrupulously balanced approach in explaining ..
    Fara TVA: 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei
  • Compost, Paperback
    An informative and accessible guide taking readers step-by-step from kitchen scraps to blooming flowers. NUME CARTE: Compost, PaperbackISBN: 1783617195PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): ***EDITURA: Flame Tree PublishingCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Februarie 2016DATA PUBLICARE: 2016..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Cradle to Cradle, Paperback
    Challenges the way environmentalists want us to 'reduce, recyle and reuse', arguing that it is the production of products that needs to change, not the products themselves. NUME CARTE: Cradle to Cradle, PaperbackISBN: 0099535475PRET EDITURA: 52.99AUTOR(i): Michael BraungartEDITURA: VintageCOPERTA: B..
    Fara TVA: 41,56 Lei 41,56 Lei 52,99 Lei
  • Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating North Cascades National Park, Paperback
    North Cascades National Park is remote, rugged, and spectacularly majestic. Efforts to establish a park gained traction after World War II, as national interest in wilderness preservation and concerns about the impact of harvesting timber grew. Troubled by the National Park Service's policy favoring..
    Fara TVA: 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei
  • Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, Hardcover
    Giant redwoods are American icons, paragons of grandeur, exceptionalism, and endurance. They are also symbols of conflict and negotiation, remnants of environmental battles over the limits of industrialization, profiteering, and globalization. Since the middle of the nineteenth century, logging oper..
    Fara TVA: 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei
  • Drinking Water: A History (Revised Edition), Paperback
    When we turn on the tap or twist open a tall plastic bottle, we probably don't give a second thought about where our drinking water comes from. But how it gets from the ground to the glass is far more convoluted than we might think.In this revised edition of Drinking Water, Duke University professor..
    Fara TVA: 71,99 Lei 71,99 Lei 71,99 Lei
  • Economies of Recycling, Paperback
    A unique look at the global reach of the flow in recycled materials. NUME CARTE: Economies of Recycling, PaperbackISBN: 1780321945PRET EDITURA: 123.99AUTOR(i): Catherine AlexanderEDITURA: Zed BooksCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: August 2012DATA PUBLICARE: 2012..
    Fara TVA: 96,09 Lei 96,09 Lei 123,99 Lei
  • El Libro de La Madera / Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way, Hardcover
    Cada hombre mira su pila de madera con una especie de afecto. Henry David Thoreau Cortar y apilar la madera es un pasatiempo en el que el mundo parece cobrar de nuevo sentido. La relacion del ser humano con el fuego es tan antigua, tan universal, que parece que al aprender sobre la madera se conoce..
    Fara TVA: 105,99 Lei 105,99 Lei 105,99 Lei
  • Endangered, Hardcover
    In Endangered, the result of an extraordinary multiyear project to document the lives of threatened species, acclaimed photographer Tim Flach explores one of the most pressing issues of our time. Traveling around the world--to settings ranging from forest to savannah to the polar seas to the great c..
    Fara TVA: 226,70 Lei 226,70 Lei 293,99 Lei
  • Estuarine Ecohydrology, Hardcover
    2nd edition. NUME CARTE: Estuarine Ecohydrology, HardcoverISBN: 9780444633989PRET EDITURA: 417.99AUTOR(i): Eric WolanskiEDITURA: ElsevierCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: August 2015DATA PUBLICARE: 2015..
    Fara TVA: 417,99 Lei 417,99 Lei 417,99 Lei
  • Ethics for a Full World: Or, Can Animal-Lovers Save the World?, Paperback
    The global emergencies facing the inhabitants of our planet--climate change, diminishing biodiversity, ocean acidification, overfishing, land degradation, and more--are symptoms of a common problem: the world is full. Humanity has already exceeded several planetary boundaries. The situation is witho..
    Fara TVA: 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei
  • Fallout: Disasters, Lies, and the Legacy of the Nuclear Age, Hardcover
    An investigation into our complicated 8-decade-long relationship with nuclear technology, from the bomb to nuclear accidents to nuclear waste. From Hiroshima to Chernobyl, Fukushima to the growing legacy of lethal radioactive waste, humanity's struggle to conquer atomic energy is rife with secrecy, ..
    Fara TVA: 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei 126,99 Lei
  • Feral, Paperback
    The lyrical story of George Monbiot's efforts to re-engage with nature and discover a new way of living, showing how, by restoring and rewilding our damaged ecosystems on land and sea, we can bring wonder back into our lives. NUME CARTE: Feral, PaperbackISBN: 014197558XPRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): G..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Fight for Beauty, Hardcover
    A passionate book about championing the natural world and cultural heritage over economic growth. NUME CARTE: Fight for Beauty, HardcoverISBN: 1780748752PRET EDITURA: 99.99AUTOR(i): Fiona ReynoldsEDITURA: Oneworld PublicationsCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: Mai 2016DATA PUBLICARE: 2016..
    Fara TVA: 77,31 Lei 77,31 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Fight for Beauty, Paperback
    The author, a campaigner and former director of the National Trust, sets out her vision for our environment, society and future in this passionate, polemical call to arms. NUME CARTE: Fight for Beauty, PaperbackISBN: 1786071045PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Fiona ReynoldsEDITURA: Oneworld Publications..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Firestorm: How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future, Hardcover
    For two months in the spring of 2016, the world watched as wildfire ravaged the Canadian town of Fort McMurray. Firefighters named the fire ``the Beast.`` It acted like a mythical animal, alive with destructive energy, and they hoped never to see anything like it again. Yet it's not a stretch to ima..
    Fara TVA: 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei 135,99 Lei
  • Flower Farmer's Year, Hardcover
    Georgie Newbery is a leading artisan cut-flower farmer and florist, and this book combines beautiful images with the story of how she started her business. Filled with practical information for anyone wanting to grow cut flowers for pleasure and profit, and an entertaining read, too. NUME CARTE: Flo..
    Fara TVA: 91,08 Lei 91,08 Lei 117,99 Lei
  • Four Fields, Paperback
    A meditation on the relationship between man and grass, which looks at 4 real fields in 4 different continents, from the author of }The Running Sky{. 'First-rate evocation of the natural world merges with an elegiac note in these rich stories of the soil.' }Independent{ NUME CARTE: Four Fields, Pape..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Ground Truth: A Guide to Tracking Climate Change at Home, Paperback
    Before you read this book, you have homework to do. Grab a notebook, go outside, and find a nearby patch of nature. What do you see, hear, feel, and smell? Are there bugs, birds, squirrels, deer, lizards, frogs, or fish, and what are they doing? What plants are in the vicinity, and in what ways are ..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • How to Live Off-Grid, Paperback
    Subtitled, }Journeys Outside The System{. Whether you're looking for a weekend break or a total change of lifestyle, Nick Rosen shows us how to live 'off-grid' in this informative travelogue. In it, he explains the dos and don'ts of living without mains water, power or a phone line, and all the gadg..
    Fara TVA: 41,56 Lei 41,56 Lei 52,99 Lei
  • In Pursuit of Butterflies, Paperback
    Naturalist, conservationist and passionate poetry lover Matthew Oates leads readers through a lifetime of butterflying, across the mountain tops, peat bogs, sea cliffs, meadows, heaths, chalk downs and great forests of the British Isles. NUME CARTE: In Pursuit of Butterflies, PaperbackISBN: 14729245..
    Fara TVA: 59,30 Lei 59,30 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Inheritors of the Earth, Paperback
    Available now in paperback, this critically acclaimed biodiversity exploration draws attention to the positive impact of human existence on the environment, challenging dominant narratives. NUME CARTE: Inheritors of the Earth, PaperbackISBN: 9780141982311PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Chris D. ThomasE..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Kiss the Ground: How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World, Hardcover
    Discover the hidden power soil has to reverse climate change, and how a regenerative farming diet not only delivers us better health and wellness, but also rebuilds our most precious resource--the very ground that feeds us. Josh Tickell, one of America's most celebrated documentary filmmakers and di..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • Living in the Anthropocene: Earth in the Age of Humans, Paperback
    Explores the causes and implications of the Anthropocene, or Age of Humans, from multiple points of view including anthropological, scientific, social, artistic, and economic. Although we arrived only recently in Earth's timeline, humans are driving major changes to the planet's ecosystems. Even now..
    Fara TVA: 99,99 Lei 99,99 Lei 99,99 Lei
  • Living on One Acre or Less, Paperback
    A guide to running a smallholding and becoming self-sufficient on just a half-acre of land. Explains how to plan and set up, grow fruit and veg, and keep chickens, pigs and sheep. NUME CARTE: Living on One Acre or Less, PaperbackISBN: 0857843303PRET EDITURA: 105.99AUTOR(i): Sally MorganEDITURA: Gree..
    Fara TVA: 82,32 Lei 82,32 Lei 105,99 Lei
  • Malama Honua: Hokule'a -- A Voyage of Hope, Hardcover
    From the launch in Hawai'i in May 2014, around the world 60,000 miles, to 23 different countries, this beautiful hardcover book chronicles Hokule'a's epic mission to raise awareness of and nurture worldwide sustainability. Interwoven with descriptions of Hokule'a's experiences in port are the voices..
    Fara TVA: 270,99 Lei 270,99 Lei 270,99 Lei
  • Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S., Paperback
    ``In the days before the Internet, books like Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas' River of Grass were groundbreaking calls to action that made citizens and politicians take notice. Mirage is such a book.``St. Petersburg Times Never before has the case been more compellingly ..
    Fara TVA: 94,99 Lei 94,99 Lei 94,99 Lei
  • Morning Coffee at the Goldfish Pond: Seeing a World in the Garden, Paperback
    Winner of the 2006 National Outdoor Book Award, David Zurick recounts an event in his life that seems exceedingly uncomplicated: he built a goldfish pond in his backyard. Yet, there is more to a goldfish pond than meets the eye. Zurick's compelling story travels the world, encompassing places of ext..
    Fara TVA: 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei 90,99 Lei
  • Natural History of Selborne, Hardcover
    A new illustrated edition of Gilbert White's classic work of natural history that has delighted readers for more than 200 years. Anne Secord's introduction sets the work in its 18th century context, showing how its epistolary form is intrinsic to its appeal. NUME CARTE: Natural History of Selborne, ..
    Fara TVA: 69,10 Lei 69,10 Lei 88,99 Lei
  • No Good Alternative: Volume Two of Carbon Ideologies, Hardcover
    An eye-opening look at the consequences of coal mining and oil and natural gas production--the second of a two volume work by award-winning author William T. Vollmann on the ideologies of energy production and the causes of climate change The second volume of William T. Vollmann's epic book about th..
    Fara TVA: 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei 180,99 Lei
  • Orison for a Curlew, Paperback
    Travelling through Europe in search of the Slender-billed Curlew, this is a beautiful story of triumph, the struggles of conservation and paying tribute to a bird that now only exists in rumour. NUME CARTE: Orison for a Curlew, PaperbackISBN: 1908213574PRET EDITURA: 47.99AUTOR(i): Horatio ClareEDITU..
    Fara TVA: 37,56 Lei 37,56 Lei 47,99 Lei
  • Our Place, Hardcover
    The influential nature-writing voice behind }Crow Country{ embarks on a journey taking in the people and places that have informed contemporary British conservation culture, using these examples as a platform from which to consider the future course of efforts to protect the landscape. NUME CARTE: O..
    Fara TVA: 87,10 Lei 87,10 Lei 111,99 Lei
  • Owl Book, Hardcover
    This collection of remarkable photographs gives an intimate perspective of the rich variety of British owls. NUME CARTE: Owl Book, HardcoverISBN: 1912050420PRET EDITURA: 58.99AUTOR(i): Jane RussEDITURA: GraffegCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: Aprilie 2018DATA PUBLICARE: 2018..
    Fara TVA: 45,53 Lei 45,53 Lei 58,99 Lei
  • Plants of the Cherokee, Paperback
    This extraordinary book is based on research conducted by William Banks on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the 1950s. It describes traditional Cherokee uses for more than 300 plants medicinals, edibles, natural dyes, and more. Banks documented herbal treatments for a huge range of ailments, every..
    Fara TVA: 50,99 Lei 50,99 Lei 50,99 Lei
  • Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain's Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oce ANS, Paperback
    A prominent seafaring environmentalist and researcher shares his shocking discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and inspires a fundamental rethinking of the Plastic Age. In the summer of 1997, Charles Moore set sail from Honolulu returning home after competing in a trans-Pacific race. To get..
    Fara TVA: 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei 81,99 Lei
  • Pushing Our Limits: Insights from Biosphere 2, Paperback
    Pushing Our Limits is a fresh examination of Biosphere 2, the world's first man-made mini-world, twenty-five years after its first closure experiment. Author Mark Nelson, one of the eight crew members locked in the enclosure during the 1991-1993 experiment, offers a compelling insider's view of the ..
    Fara TVA: 103,99 Lei 103,99 Lei 103,99 Lei
  • Putting the Genie Back, Paperback
    Looks at the challenge of climate change and the Paris Agreement of 2016, and how only a fraction of the global economy actively employs government led carbon pricing policies. Explores the science and the politics of climate change. NUME CARTE: Putting the Genie Back, PaperbackISBN: 1787144488PRET ..
    Fara TVA: 87,99 Lei 87,99 Lei 87,99 Lei
  • Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman: Conservation Heroes of the American Heartland, Paperback
    A Kirkus Best Book of 2016Many of the men and women doing today's most consequential environmental work--restoring America's grasslands, wildlife, soil, rivers, wetlands, and oceans--would not call themselves environmentalists; they would be too uneasy with the connotations of that word. What drives..
    Fara TVA: 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei 76,99 Lei
  • Reclaimers, Paperback
    For most of the past century, Humbug Valley, a forest-hemmed meadow sacred to the Mountain Maidu tribe, was in the grip of a utility company. Washington's White Salmon River was saddled with a fish-obstructing, inefficient dam, and the Timbisha Shoshone Homeland was unacknowledged within the boundar..
    Fara TVA: 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei 83,99 Lei