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  • 101 American Geo Sites, Paperback
    Examining in detail at least one amazing site for all fifty states, Albert Dickas clearly explains the geologic forces behind each one's origin in ``101 Geologic Sites You've Gotta See.`` Dickas discusses not only iconic landforms such as Devil's Tower in Wyoming but also locales that are often over..
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  • 22 Ideas That Saved the English Countryside, Hardcover
    Tells the story of how the English countryside was nurtured in the public imagination in the 20th century, as well as how millions of acres of land were protected for future generations. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is one of the world's longest running environmental groups, and this..
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  • A Precautionary Tale: How One Small Town Banned Pesticides, Preserved Its Food Heritage, and Inspired a Movement, Paperback
    Mals, Italy, has long been known as the breadbasket of the Tyrol. But recently the tiny town became known for something else entirely. A Precautionary Tale tells us why, introducing readers to an unlikely group of activists and a forward-thinking mayor who came together to ban pesticides in Mals by ..
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  • Aerial Geology: A High-Altitude Tour of North America's Spectacular Volcanoes, Canyons, Glaciers, Lakes, Craters, and Peaks, Hardcover
    Sit back and enjoy a new viewAerial Geology is an up-in-the-sky exploration of North America's 100 most spectacular geological formations. Crisscrossing the continent from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to the Great Salt Lake in Utah and to the Chicxulub Crater in Mexico, Mary Caperton Morton brings..
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  • After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene, Paperback
    An Artforum Best Book of the YearA Legal Theory Bookworm Book of the YearNature no longer exists apart from humanity. Henceforth, the world we will inhabit is the one we have made. Geologists have called this new planetary epoch the Anthropocene, the Age of Humans. The geological strata we are now c..
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  • Ancient Wyoming: A Dozen Lost Worlds Based on the Geology of the Bighorn Basin, Paperback
    Sponsored by a grant from the National Science Foundation to the Denver Museum of Natural History. Ever wondered what the ground below you was like millions of years ago? Merging paleontology, geology, and artistry, ``Ancient Wyoming`` illustrates scenes from the distant past and provides fascinatin..
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  • Anthropology and Development, Paperback
    A completely reworked and expanded edition of this bestselling anthropology title, with a new contemporary look. NUME CARTE: Anthropology and Development, PaperbackISBN: 0745333648PRET EDITURA: 130.99AUTOR(i): Katy GardnerEDITURA: PLUTO PRESSCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Februarie 2015DATA PUBLICA..
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  • Approaches to Human Geography, Paperback
    2nd edition. NUME CARTE: Approaches to Human Geography, PaperbackISBN: 1446276023PRET EDITURA: 198.99AUTOR(i): Stuart AitkenEDITURA: Sage Publications (CA)COPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Decembrie 2014DATA PUBLICARE: 2014FORMAT: 232x171x24..
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  • AQA AS/A Level Geography Student Guide: Component 2: Human G, Paperback
    Reinforce your understanding throughout the course with clear topic summaries, and sample questions and answers. NUME CARTE: AQA AS/A Level Geography Student Guide: Component 2: Human G, PaperbackISBN: 1471864030PRET EDITURA: 67.99AUTOR(i): ***EDITURA: Hodder EducationCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI:..
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  • Atlas of the World, Hardcover
    The only world atlas updated annually, guaranteeing that users will find the most current geographic information, Oxford's Atlas of the World is the most authoritative atlas on the market. Full of crisp, clear cartography of urban areas and virtually uninhabited landscapes around the globe, the Atla..
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  • Atlas of Untamed Places: An Extraordinary Journey Through Our Wild World, Hardcover
    With beautiful, unique maps and evocative photography, Atlas of Untamed Places is an intrepid voyage to nature's wildest places. In a world that has increasingly become tamed by human activity, the true wild holds a growing mysticism. Rugged landscapes with unspoilt scenery invoke romantic visions o..
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  • Betting the Farm on a Drought: Stories from the Front Lines of Climate Change, Hardcover
    Climate change has become one of the most polarizing issues of our time. Extremists on the left regularly issue hyperbolic jeremiads about the impending destruction of the environment, while extremists on the right counter with crass, tortured denials. But out in the vast middle are ordinary people ..
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  • Beyond Smoke and Mirrors: Climate Change and Energy in the 21st Century, Paperback
    Global climate change is one of the most important issues humanity faces today. This updated, second edition assesses the sensible, senseless and biased proposals for averting the potentially disastrous consequences of global warming, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions on switching to..
    Fara TVA: 73,99 Lei 73,99 Lei 73,99 Lei
  • Book of Tides, Hardcover
    An idiosyncratic, richly illustrated guide to Britain's rivers, seas and shores. NUME CARTE: Book of Tides, HardcoverISBN: 1786480794PRET EDITURA: 151.99AUTOR(i): William ThomsonEDITURA: Quercus PublishingCOPERTA: CartonataDATA APARITIEI: Octombrie 2016DATA PUBLICARE: 2016FORMAT: 234x156x25..
    Fara TVA: 113,99 Lei 113,99 Lei 151,99 Lei
  • Brave New Arctic: The Untold Story of the Melting North, Hardcover
    In the 1990s, researchers in the Arctic noticed that floating summer sea ice had begun receding. This was accompanied by shifts in ocean circulation and unexpected changes in weather patterns throughout the world. The Arctic's perennially frozen ground, known as permafrost, was warming, and treeless..
    Fara TVA: 93,99 Lei 93,99 Lei 151,99 Lei
  • Brush With Nature, Paperback
    A collection of articles from the great nature writer Mabey, which have been written over the past 25 years for }BBC Wildlife Magazine{. Brings together Mabey's favourite pieces and presents a fascinating and inspiring view of the changing natural landscape in which we live. From the author of }Natu..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 75,99 Lei
  • By All Means Necessary, Hardcover
    Explores the unrivalled expansion of the Chinese economy, and what has been required to sustain this meteoric growth. It also considers the impact this has and will have on the rest of the world. NUME CARTE: By All Means Necessary, HardcoverISBN: 0199921784PRET EDITURA: 143.99AUTOR(i): Elizabeth Eco..
    Fara TVA: 107,99 Lei 107,99 Lei 143,99 Lei
  • Can Democracy Handle Climate Change?, Paperback
    The Director of the Center for Environmental Policy makes an urgent call for more responsive democratic governance to tackle the climate crisis in this addition to the }Democratic Futures{ series. NUME CARTE: Can Democracy Handle Climate Change?, PaperbackISBN: 1509523960PRET EDITURA: 60.99AUTOR(i):..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 60,99 Lei
  • Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 B.C., Paperback
    Follow this multi-disciplinary, scientific study as it examines the evidence of a great global catastrophe that occurred only 11,500 years ago. Crustal shifting, the tilting of Earth's axis, mass extinctions, upthrusted mountain ranges, rising and shrinking land masses, and gigantic volcanic eruptio..
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  • Cataclysms on the Columbia: The Great Missoula Floods, Paperback
    The OpenBook Series highlights Ooligan Press's commitment to transparency on our road toward sustainable publishing. We believe that disclosing the impacts of the choices we make will not only help us avoid unintentional greenwashing, but also serve to educate those who are unfamiliar with the choic..
    Fara TVA: 102,99 Lei 102,99 Lei 102,99 Lei
  • Cataclysms: A New Geology for the Twenty-First Century, Hardcover
    In 1980, the science world was stunned when a maverick team of researchers proposed that a massive meteor strike had wiped the dinosaurs and other fauna from the Earth 66 million years ago. Scientists found evidence for this theory in a ``crater of doom`` on the Yucatan Peninsula, showing that our p..
    Fara TVA: 202,99 Lei 202,99 Lei 202,99 Lei
  • Catching Thunder: The Story of the World's Longest Sea Chase, Paperback
    December, 2014: In the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker embarks on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten thousand miles of hazardous seas, Hammarstedt's crew will relentlessly pursue the Thunder--an infamous illegal fishing ship--for what will become the ..
    Fara TVA: 82,99 Lei 82,99 Lei 98,99 Lei
  • CCEA AS Unit 1 Geography Student Guide 1: Physical Geography, Paperback
    Provides concise summary of the topics examined in the AS and A Level specification. NUME CARTE: CCEA AS Unit 1 Geography Student Guide 1: Physical Geography, PaperbackISBN: 1471863093PRET EDITURA: 67.99AUTOR(i): Tim MansonEDITURA: Hodder EducationCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Iunie 2016DATA PUBLI..
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  • Climate Change, Paperback
    Fully updated 2nd edition of the acclaimed textbook for life science and Earth science students, scientists and policymakers. NUME CARTE: Climate Change, PaperbackISBN: 1107603560PRET EDITURA: 240.99AUTOR(i): Jonathan CowieEDITURA: Cambridge University PressCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Noiembrie ..
    Fara TVA: 226,99 Lei 226,99 Lei 240,99 Lei
  • Climbing Everest, Paperback
    A complete collection of Mallory's writings on climbing, which covers his expeditions in Britain, the Alps and to Mount Everest. With a foreword by Peter Gillman. 'Compelling pieces' Stephen Venables, }Mail On Sunday{ NUME CARTE: Climbing Everest, PaperbackISBN: 1908096349PRET EDITURA: 75.99AUTOR(i)..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 75,99 Lei
  • Clouds, Rain, Clouds Again, Paperback
    This soothing book is the perfect invitation to a relaxed afternoon of cloud gazing. It starts by encouraging young readers to observe what clouds look like, from thin wisps to puffy air castles to giant faces. Then the story raises natural questions: Where do clouds get water? Why does it rain? Whe..
    Fara TVA: 48,81 Lei 48,81 Lei 48,81 Lei
  • Cols and Passes of the British Isles, Paperback
    A fully-comprehensive guide to every col and pass in the British Isles for cyclists, walkers and armchair travellers. NUME CARTE: Cols and Passes of the British Isles, PaperbackISBN: 0141981458PRET EDITURA: 98.99AUTOR(i): Graham RobbEDITURA: Penguin Books LtdCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Aprilie 2..
    Fara TVA: 73,99 Lei 73,99 Lei 98,99 Lei
  • Companion to Development Studies, Third Edition, Paperback
    3rd edition. NUME CARTE: Companion to Development Studies, Third Edition, PaperbackISBN: 1444167243PRET EDITURA: 308.99AUTOR(i): Vandana DesaiEDITURA: Taylor and FrancisCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Martie 2014DATA PUBLICARE: 2014FORMAT: 246x173x33..
    Fara TVA: 260,99 Lei 260,99 Lei 308,99 Lei
  • Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming, Paperback
    Bjorn Lomborg argues that many of the elaborate and staggeringly expensive actions now being considered to meet the challenges of global warming ultimately will have little impact on the world s temperature. He suggests that rather than focusing on ineffective solutions that will cost us trillions o..
    Fara TVA: 65,99 Lei 65,99 Lei 65,99 Lei
  • Course Notes: Criminal Law, Paperback
    Supports revision of the essential modules of GDL/CPE law courses. NUME CARTE: Course Notes: Criminal Law, PaperbackISBN: 1444146548PRET EDITURA: 96.99AUTOR(i): Lisa CherkasskyEDITURA: Taylor and FrancisCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Februarie 2012DATA PUBLICARE: 2012FORMAT: 219x154x19..
    Fara TVA: 84,99 Lei 84,99 Lei 96,99 Lei
  • Cradle to Cradle, Paperback
    Challenges the way environmentalists want us to 'reduce, recyle and reuse', arguing that it is the production of products that needs to change, not the products themselves. NUME CARTE: Cradle to Cradle, PaperbackISBN: 0099535475PRET EDITURA: 67.99AUTOR(i): Michael BraungartEDITURA: VintageCOPERTA: B..
    Fara TVA: 50,99 Lei 50,99 Lei 67,99 Lei
  • Create and Maintain Your Own Smallholding, Paperback
    Part of a successful series on environmental or green-fingered issues, this is an accessible guide to sustainable self sufficiency that includes hundreds of useful photographs. NUME CARTE: Create and Maintain Your Own Smallholding, PaperbackISBN: 1786647729PRET EDITURA: 75.99AUTOR(i): Peter SmithEDI..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 75,99 Lei
  • Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating North Cascades National Park, Paperback
    North Cascades National Park is remote, rugged, and spectacularly majestic. Efforts to establish a park gained traction after World War II, as national interest in wilderness preservation and concerns about the impact of harvesting timber grew. Troubled by the National Park Service's policy favoring..
    Fara TVA: 122,99 Lei 122,99 Lei 122,99 Lei
  • Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, Hardcover
    Giant redwoods are American icons, paragons of grandeur, exceptionalism, and endurance. They are also symbols of conflict and negotiation, remnants of environmental battles over the limits of industrialization, profiteering, and globalization. Since the middle of the nineteenth century, logging oper..
    Fara TVA: 122,99 Lei 122,99 Lei 122,99 Lei
  • Delorme Pennsylvania Atlas & Gazetteer, Paperback
    DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers Are the Outdoor Enthusiasts' Choice Amazingly detailed and beautifully crafted, large-format paper maps for all 50 states Topographic maps with elevation contours, major highways and roads, dirt roads, trails and land use data Gazetteer section contains informatio..
    Fara TVA: 86,99 Lei 86,99 Lei 94,99 Lei
  • Drinking Water: A History (Revised Edition), Paperback
    When we turn on the tap or twist open a tall plastic bottle, we probably don't give a second thought about where our drinking water comes from. But how it gets from the ground to the glass is far more convoluted than we might think.In this revised edition of Drinking Water, Duke University professor..
    Fara TVA: 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei
  • Dynamic Programming: Models and Applications, Paperback
    Introduction to sequential decision processes covers use of dynamic programming in studying models of resource allocation, methods for approximating solutions of control problems in continuous time, production control, decision-making in the face of an uncertain future, and inventory control models...
    Fara TVA: 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei 69,99 Lei
  • Earth Before the Dinosaurs, Paperback
    This beautiful volume introduces the incredible animals that populated the planet before the Age of the Dinosaurs. Readers voyage to a time, beginning about 370 million years ago, when the first four-footed vertebrates appeared, and ending 200 million years later at the moment when the dinosaurs beg..
    Fara TVA: 184,99 Lei 184,99 Lei 184,99 Lei
  • Earth System Science: A Very Short Introduction, Paperback
    When humanity first glimpsed planet Earth from space, the unity of the system that supports humankind entered the popular consciousness. The concept of the Earth's atmosphere, biosphere, oceans, soil, and rocks operating as a closely interacting system has rapidly gained ground in science. This new ..
    Fara TVA: 42,99 Lei 42,99 Lei 60,99 Lei
  • Edexcel AS/A-level Geography Student Guide 2: Globalisation;, Paperback
    Reinforce your understanding throughout the course with clear topic summaries, and sample questions and answers. Student guide for AS/A level. NUME CARTE: Edexcel AS/A-level Geography Student Guide 2: Globalisation;, PaperbackISBN: 147186409XPRET EDITURA: 67.99AUTOR(i): Cameron DunnEDITURA: Hodder E..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 67,99 Lei
  • El Libro de La Madera / Norwegian Wood: Chopping, Stacking, and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way, Hardcover
    Cada hombre mira su pila de madera con una especie de afecto. Henry David Thoreau Cortar y apilar la madera es un pasatiempo en el que el mundo parece cobrar de nuevo sentido. La relacion del ser humano con el fuego es tan antigua, tan universal, que parece que al aprender sobre la madera se conoce..
    Fara TVA: 102,99 Lei 102,99 Lei 102,99 Lei
  • Eleven, Paperback
    The sweeping changes that make a 'full world' work-involving dual processes of destruction and reconstruction-will transform global culture, agriculture, and ultimately the human race. ELEVEN is a call to consciousness. Only an 'ethical revolution' will allow us to carry forward an ever-advancing ci..
    Fara TVA: 178,99 Lei 178,99 Lei 178,99 Lei
  • Endangered, Hardcover
    In Endangered, the result of an extraordinary multiyear project to document the lives of threatened species, acclaimed photographer Tim Flach explores one of the most pressing issues of our time. Traveling around the world--to settings ranging from forest to savannah to the polar seas to the great c..
    Fara TVA: 282,99 Lei 282,99 Lei 378,99 Lei
  • Essential Earth Imaging for GIS, Paperback
    A guide to imaging technology and management, Essential Earth Imaging for GIS discusses characteristics of images obtained from aircraft and spacecraft, and how to enhance, register, and visually interpret multispectral imagery and point clouds. Geographic information system (GIS) professionals can ..
    Fara TVA: 246,99 Lei 246,99 Lei 246,99 Lei
  • Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-level Geography, Paperback
    An essential guide to building skills and confidence in maths needed for A-Level Geography. NUME CARTE: Essential Maths Skills for AS/A-level Geography, PaperbackISBN: 1471863557PRET EDITURA: 74.99AUTOR(i): Helen HarrisEDITURA: Hodder EducationCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Septembrie 2016DATA PUBL..
    Fara TVA: 62,99 Lei 62,99 Lei 74,99 Lei
  • Extinction: How Life on Earth Nearly Ended 250 Million Years Ago, Paperback
    Some 250 million years ago, the earth suffered the greatest biological crisis in its history. Around 95 percent of all living species died out--a global catastrophe far greater than the dinosaurs' demise 185 million years later. How this happened remains a mystery. But there are many competing theor..
    Fara TVA: 71,99 Lei 71,99 Lei 113,99 Lei
  • Feral, Paperback
    The lyrical story of George Monbiot's efforts to re-engage with nature and discover a new way of living, showing how, by restoring and rewilding our damaged ecosystems on land and sea, we can bring wonder back into our lives. NUME CARTE: Feral, PaperbackISBN: 014197558XPRET EDITURA: 75.99AUTOR(i): G..
    Fara TVA: 56,99 Lei 56,99 Lei 75,99 Lei
  • Flower Farmer's Year, Hardcover
    Georgie Newbery is a leading artisan cut-flower farmer and florist, and this book combines beautiful images with the story of how she started her business. Filled with practical information for anyone wanting to grow cut flowers for pleasure and profit, and an entertaining read, too. NUME CARTE: Flo..
    Fara TVA: 113,99 Lei 113,99 Lei 151,99 Lei