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  • Aws for Developers for Dummies, Paperback
    Everything you need to get running with IaaS for Amazon Web Services Modern businesses rely on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)--a setup in which someone else foots the bill to create application environments--and developers are expected to know how to write both platform-specific and IaaS-support..
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  • Excel 2013 For Dummies, Hardcover
    This book and DVD package serves as an ideal resource for getting up to speed with all the new features and updates to Excel 2013. Topics covered include: printing, adding hyperlinks to worksheets, saving worksheets as web pages, and adding existing worksheet data to an existing web page. NUME CARTE..
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  • Excel 2016 Pivot Table Data Crunching (Includes Content Update Program), Paperback
    Excel(R) 2016 PIVOT TABLE DATA CRUNCHING CRUNCH DATA FROM ANY SOURCE, QUICKLY AND EASILY, WITH EXCEL 2016 PIVOT TABLES Use Excel 2016 pivot tables and pivot charts to produce powerful, dynamic reports in minutes instead of hours... understand exactly what's going on in your business... t..
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  • Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA, Paperback
    Maximize your Excel experience with VBA Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA is fully updated to cover all the latest tools and tricks of Excel 2016. Encompassing an analysis of Excel application development and a complete introduction to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), this comprehensive book..
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  • Excel 2016 VBA and Macros, Paperback
    MASTER CORE EXCEL 2016 TOOLS FOR BUILDING POWERFUL, RELIABLE SPREADSHEETS Use this guide to automate virtually any routine task: save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks Make Excel do things you thought were impossible, discover macro techniques you won't find anywhere else, and create automa..
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  • Excel 2016: In Easy Steps, Paperback
    Excel 2016 in easy steps will help you get to grips with the latest version of this popular spreadsheet application. Areas covered include: Creating, editing and manipulating worksheetsFormulas, Functions and Pivot TablesHandy templates to give you a head startMacros for everyday tasks to save timeC..
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  • Excel Macros for Dummies, Paperback
    Save time and be way more productive with Microsoft Excel macros Looking for ready-made Excel macros that will streamline your workflow? Look no further Excel Macros For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you save time, automate, and be more productive-even with no programming experience at all. Each chapt..
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  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Building Data Models with Powerpivot: Building Data Models with Powerpivot, Paperback
    Your guide to quickly turn data into results. Transform your skills, data, and business--and create your own BI solutions using software you already know and love: Microsoft Excel. Two business intelligence (BI) experts take you inside PowerPivot functionality for Excel 2013, with a focus on real wo..
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  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Step by Step, Paperback
    Now in full color The quick way to learn Microsoft Excel 2016 This is learning made easy. Get more done quickly with Excel 2016. Jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and full-color screen shots show you exactly what to do, step by step. Quickly set up workbooks, enter data, and for..
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  • Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple, Paperback
    A full-colour, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft Project 2013 plain and simple. NUME CARTE: Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple, PaperbackISBN: 0735671990PRET EDITURA: 166.99AUTOR(i): Ben HowardEDITURA: Microsoft PressCOPERTA: BrosataDATA APARITIEI: Mai 2013DATA PUBLICARE: 2013FORMAT: 233..
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  • Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual, Paperback
    Get up to speed on Microsoft Project 2013 and learn how to manage projects large and small. This crystal-clear book not only guides you step-by-step through Project 2013's new features, it also gives you real-world guidance: how to prep a project before touching your PC, and which Project tools will..
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  • Office 2016 for Dummies, Paperback
    Office 2016 For Dummies (9781119293477) was previously published as Office 2016 For Dummies (9781119077374). While this version features a new Dummies cover and design, the content is the same as the prior release and should not be considered a new or updated product. The bestselling Microsoft Offic..
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  • Office 2016 in Depth (Includes Content Update Program), Paperback
    Beyond the Basics... Beneath the Surface...In Depth Do more in less time Whatever your Microsoft Office experience, don't let Office 2016 make you feel like a beginner This book is packed with intensely useful knowledge, tips, and shortcuts you just won't find anywhere else. It's the fastest,..
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  • Office 2016 Simplified, Paperback
    Start learning the latest in Office Office Simplified is the quick, easy, full-color guide to the new features and tools of the latest version of Office. With a clear, highly visual, introductory style of instruction, this book gives you step-by-step directions alongside illustrative screen shots to..
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  • Oracle Database 12c SQL, Paperback
    Write Powerful SQL Statements and PL/SQL Programs Learn how to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs. Oracle Database 12c SQL offers complete coverage of the latest database features and techniques. Find out how to write SQL statements to retrieve and modify da..
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  • Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel 2010, Paperback
    PivotTables may be Excel's most powerful feature, but Microsoft has estimated that only 15% of Excel users take advantage of them. That's because PivotTables (and their companion feature, PivotCharts) have a reputation for being difficult to learn. Not any more In this book, Excel legends Bill Jele..
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  • Procurement with SAP MM: Business User Guide, Hardcover
    Obtain. Acquire. Procure. Get everything you need with this go-to guide to procurement with SAP Materials Management (SAP MM) Dive into the key functions and system transactions you'll need for your everyday job, from creating POs or contracts to processing invoices and payments. Discover how to av..
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  • QuickBooks 2017 All-In-One for Dummies, Paperback
    Make business chores easy with QuickBooks Managing the books for a small business can be a challenging, onerous task. If you're looking to spend fewer hours hunched over multiple spreadsheets and more time focused on other aspects of your growing business, this all-in-one guide gives you everything ..
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  • QuickBooks 2018 All-In-One for Dummies, Paperback
    The easy way to manage business finances QuickBooks is known for helping their users effectively handle their financial and business management tasks, and QuickBooks 2018 All-in-One For Dummies is the go-to guide for anyone looking to gain insight into the latest version of the software. It gets you..
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  • QuickBooks 2018 for Dummies, Paperback
    The perennial bestseller--now in a new edition for QuickBooks 2018 QuickBooks 2018 For Dummies is here to make it easier than ever to familiarize yourself with the latest version of the software. It shows you step by step how to build the perfect budget, simplify tax return preparation, manage inven..
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  • R Projects for Dummies, Paperback
    Make the most of R's extensive toolset R Projects For Dummies offers a unique learn-by-doing approach. You will increase the depth and breadth of your R skillset by completing a wide variety of projects. By using R's graphics, interactive, and machine learning tools, you'll learn to apply R's extens..
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  • Statistical Analysis with R for Dummies, Paperback
    Understanding the world of R programming and analysis has never been easier Most guides to R, whether books or online, focus on R functions and procedures. But now, thanks to Statistical Analysis with R For Dummies, you have access to a trusted, easy-to-follow guide that focuses on the foundational ..
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  • Teach Yourself Visually Excel 2016, Paperback
    See your way to Excel spreadsheet stardom with this visual guide If you're always hearing about the cool things Excel can do, here's your chance to see how to do them Teach Yourself Visually Excel offers you a straightforward visual approach to working with the newest version of the world's leading ..
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  • VBA and Macros: Microsoft Excel 2010, Paperback
    AUTOMATE REPORTS BUILD FUNCTIONS VISUALIZE DATA WRITE FAST, RELIABLE SCRIPTS Microsoft Excel 2010 VBA AND MACROS: SAVE TIME AND SUPERCHARGE EXCEL 2010 WITH VBA AND MACROS Use Excel 2010 VBA and macros to automate virtually any routine task, and save yourself hours, days, maybe even weeks. Then ..
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  • Word 2016 in Easy Steps, Paperback
    Microsoft Word 2016 represents the latest in a series of improvements in functionality during the word processor s long history. Today, more than ever, people expect to be able to work easily across locations with different people and devices, all without having to worry about the underlying technol..
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  • Working with Coders: A Guide to Software Development for the Perplexed Non-Techie, Paperback
    Get introduced to the fascinating world inhabited by the professional software developer. Aimed at a non-technical audience, this book aims to de-obfuscate the jargon, explain the various activities that coders undertake, and analyze the specific pressures, priorities, and preoccupations that develo..
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