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  • A Most Mysterious Mouse, Hardcover
    It seems fair to say that there have never been as many mice in any book as there are in this one This may well be because the protagonist, a singular and most ambitious cat, has promised himself that by the age of eighteen he will have imagined ONE MILLION MICE Every stripe of mouse is imagined h..
    Fara TVA: 73,32 Lei 73,32 Lei 73,32 Lei
  • A Perfect Pet for Peyton: 5 Love Languages Discovery Book, Hardcover
    This wonderfully imaginative children's hardcover book by bestselling authors Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne, featuring four-color illustrations (with hidden details ) by Wilson Williams, Jr., will help children learn the importance of love.Based on Gary's highly successful The 5 Love Languages(R), A..
    Fara TVA: 69,40 Lei 69,40 Lei 69,40 Lei
  • Huevos Verdes Con Jamon = Green Eggs and Ham, Hardcover
    Sam-I-Am mounts a determined campaign to convince another Seuss character to eat a plate of green eggs and ham. Limited vocabulary but unlimited exuberance of illustration.--School Library Journal. NUME CARTE: Huevos Verdes Con Jamon = Green Eggs and Ham, HardcoverISBN: 1880507013PRET EDITURA: 40.64..
    Fara TVA: 40,64 Lei 40,64 Lei 40,64 Lei
  • Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School?, Hardcover
    On the first day of school, Kitty Cat discovers that there are lots of things to enjoy. She plays, she enjoys a snack, she paints, she sings, she listens to a story, and she shares something special during Show-and-Tell. The day ends with a big hug from her mom. Children will love Laura J. Bryant's ..
    Fara TVA: 69,40 Lei 69,40 Lei 69,40 Lei
  • Little Puppy, Hardcover
    Little Puppy is one of several titles in the popular Look at Me series of children's animal board books that are being reset in a miniature size to fit tiny hands. Scaled down to approximately half the original's size, this book presents the same illustrations found in the original, with a slight..
    Fara TVA: 20,38 Lei 20,38 Lei 20,38 Lei
  • Mary Poppins, Paperback
    This classic tale continues to enchant readers of all ages From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane, everyday life at the Banks house is forever changed. It all starts when Mary Poppins is blown by the east wind onto the doorstep of the Banks house. She becomes a mo..
    Fara TVA: 28,55 Lei 28,55 Lei 28,55 Lei
  • Meg and Mog Collection (10 Book Set)
    Meg and Mog are the heroes of a series of childrens books written by Helen Nicoll and illustrated by Jan Pienkowski. First published in the 1970s, the books are about Meg, a witch whose spells always seem to go wrong, her striped cat Mog, and their friend Owl. It was also made into an animated comed..
    Fara TVA: 97,99 Lei 97,99 Lei 330,00 Lei
  • Sofia the First, Hardcover
    Meet Sofia, a little girl who lives a rather ordinary life. But everything changes when her mother, Miranda, marries the king. Overnight, Sofia becomes a princess, moves into the castle, gains a step-brother, a step-sister... and the ability to talk to her new animal friends thanks to a magical amul..
    Fara TVA: 65,31 Lei 65,31 Lei 65,31 Lei
  • The Children of the King, Hardcover
    One of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is the assurance that mom and dad love them just as they are, apart from anything that they do. But telling them once won't make it sink in. Kids need to be reminded of that foundational fact over and over, until the truth takes root deep wit..
    Fara TVA: 73,48 Lei 73,48 Lei 73,48 Lei
  • The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #17, Paperback
    Arnold, Ms. Frizzle, and the whole Magic School Bus crew find themselves in a Food Chain Frenzy as they digest lots of fab facts on ecosystems and eating habits. Ms. Frizzle is the weirdest teacher around, and Arnold is her most reluctant student. A field trip on the Magic School Bus can be torture ..
    Fara TVA: 20,38 Lei 20,38 Lei 20,38 Lei
  • The Night Before Christmas
    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. This classic Christmas verse is well known to every parent and child preparing for Christmas and this beautifully illustrated new edition is the perfect Christmas gift for young and old. NUME CAR..
    Fara TVA: 25,99 Lei 25,99 Lei 50,00 Lei